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What is Red Wine?

Red Wine is designed to be an application sever specialized in supporting a web based presentation layer.
Target of Red Wine is to make the collaboration between developers as easy as possible in the creation of custom and content management applications.
In order to reach this target Red Wine supports:

  • a component based programming model

  • trasparent session management

  • trasparent persistency management

  • assisted user interface developement

Additionaly Red Wine provides:

  • internal web server and DB

  • adapters for third parties web server (apache) and DB (postgres).

Language, OS, dependencies

Red Wine is written in Ruby (www.ruby-lang.org).
It is packaged with all the necessary, possibly modified (in the respect of the licences terms), Ruby external libraries.
Red Wine should only depend on the Ruby standard installation.
As Ruby is OS indpendent, so should be Red Wine.
Because all the developement happens on Linux, in the early stage of the project it is very likely that platform independence is not going to be assured.


The team members have years of experience working in the
J2EE (www.javasoft.com) and Zope (www.zope.org) worlds.
Their main motivation for writing Red Wine is to create
an application server that puts together the features
of J2EE and Zope they are most fond of, skipping all what
they see as an overkill for the averege needs.
The programming language has been selected for its
support to dynamicity, OO and design patterns.
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June 07 2004

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